Lower Primary School

St Mark’s School encourages parents and whanau to actively participate in their child’s learning, and the relationships between families and the school are most important to us. Here is what some of our parents and whanau have to say about St Mark’s School.

Helen Brown – Parent

“It has always felt to us that St Mark’s has been a true ally in Reuben’s developmental and academic journey. Individual teachers have been superlative and of the highest quality. We have been fortunate each year to have dealt with professional, engaged, personable educators who have bent over backwards for Reuben and have continued on as important people in his life and ours. They have all seen Reuben through the special glow that we see in him and have conducted very warm relationships with him and us. We feel he is truly valued and is able to shine in all the ways he does.”

Diana McAlpine – Parent

“At St Mark’s, my son continually enjoys rich experiences both within and beyond the traditional classroom.  Small class sizes means he has more personalised learning, while still being part of a larger learning group. The individual attention has instilled a love of learning in him and I’ve seen his confidence to ‘give things a go’ improve every day.  This nurturing and supportive approach extends to the broader St Mark’s community.  The relationships he has built with teachers and students outside his classroom means he feels safe and supported when branching out and taking part in the many opportunities presented to him, whether that be the Maths Club or lunchtime sports.  There is a feeling of really looking after each other which is comforting for a parent of a child just starting out at school and one of the things we really value at St Mark’s.”

Lucy – Parent

“We moved our daughter to St Mark’s when she was about to start Year 2 We wanted her to have the chance to have a curriculum enriched by languages, music and specialist teachers but I was worried about the transition to another new school and another peer group, so soon after the first. Almost three years on and we know we did the right thing, but not just for academic reasons. Alongside a wonderful education, St Mark’s provides something which is much harder to quantify – or to describe. From day one, I noticed numerous occasions on which older children would take younger ones under their wings to support them. If my daughter is ever nervous, upset or over-awed by a school occasion, or just needs a helping hand, then there will always be a senior student who notices, steps in and provides encouragement. It’s the natural, St Mark’s, way of doing things, and it’s lovely, as a parent, to see it in action every day.”

Deepa – Parent

“The St Mark’s difference lies in the easy rapport between the teachers, the parents and the students. Everyone is very down to earth and there is a creative and fun approach to working with each student’s strengths and needs. The transition from Foundation to the Lower Primary was seamless and full of joy, which was great. When we have raised any concerns to date – we have found the teachers to be receptive and supportive and empathetic. Our family enjoys being part of this cool little community”.