St Mark’s School was first promoted on the initiative of the Reverend Coffey, Vicar of St Mark’s Church, in the 1880s. With the blessing of the Bishop and the backing of the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Wellington, the School was established by St Mark’s Parish in 1917.

Under the skilled leadership of the first Headmistress, Miss Annie Holm, St Mark’s Day School opened its doors to 37 pupils on 11 September 1917 and set out on its mission to provide girls and boys with the very best all-round education. An ambitious but fortuitous plan, and the rest, as they say, is history.

St Mark’s has had ten principals who have developed and strengthened the ethos and culture of the school in their own unique way. The School has built an enviable reputation for its quality of education, pastoral care, innovation and excellence.

We also boast many talented people, from past and present alumni and friends to staff who have helped this exceptional school evolve.

Whole school early 1920’s

Teachers 1935