International Baccalaureate 2021 Review

IB 2021 Review Report 


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“The school is in wonderful heart with high levels of trust within and between all levels of the school community….were we to grade the school we would happily offer an A+ in terms of the realisation of its special character. ”

Anne van Gend and Tony Gerritsen, ANGLICAN SCHOOLS’ OFFICE, 2020

“The report is outstanding. It highlights a significant number of commendations and demonstrates exceptional practice and programme implementation. The number and nature of commendations reveals practice exceeding the requirements of the programme and underlines St Mark’s School as a leader in PYP delivery.”

Steven Wishart, International Baccalaureate World School Manager – Australasia , 2021

“Teachers use appropriate teaching strategies and resources to support ongoing development. A child-initiated, inquiry-based approach, linked to the school’s focus, deepens children’s knowledge and understanding of learning. Teachers respect children’s ideas for learning and skillfully support their growing social and emotional competence and development.”

– 2016 ERO Review Office, St Mark’s Preschool Review