International Student Fees


International Student Fees

The fees available on this page are for International Students.

If you are a New Zealand citizen or resident, please click here for our domestic student fees.


Uniform hire is $350.00 (For students studying one term or less) Students studying for 4 weeks or less may wear their own uniform Long Term students (one term or more) must purchase a uniform (Second hand available)

Medical Insurance

(refer to “Travel and Health Insurance” guidelines)

Medical Insurance is required to be arranged by the parents and paid in full in advance.

Other fees

(such as additional language tuition, camp costs, exams, and other items as determined by the school)

These will be billed separately

Please note that one term’s notice must be given when students are transferring from international to domestic status as a result of parents gaining work permits or residency. No refund will be made for international fees during the term that notice is given.

Please note our requirement of a minimum 4 week enrolment period.