Assessment and Reporting

Our approach to assessment is integrated here at St Mark’s.

The word assessment stems from the Latin word ‘assidere’ which means ‘to sit beside’. We view assessment as an opportunity ‘to sit beside’ children to help them understand where they are at in their progression of learning.

The purpose of assessment at St Mark’s is to inform learning and teaching. Our highly skilled teachers used varied and fit for purpose methods to achieve assessment goals.

We believe characteristics of effective assessment are that it is authentic, clear and specific, varied, developmental, collaborative, intercity and we use methods to feedback to feedforward.

Assessment of, as and for learning are shared with each learner’s parents/caregivers through the year through our Digital Portfolio platform (Seesaw) as well as termly, outlined below:

Term 1
Whanau Aspirations Meeting, Standardised Test Results Parent Interviews and our end of term Unit of Inquiry Reports.

Term 2
Mid Year Progress Reports & Term 2 Unit of Inquiry Reports.

Term 3
Progress Report Parent Interviews, Student-Led Learning Conferences & Term 3 Unit of Inquiry Reports.

Term 4
End of Year Progress Reports & Term 4 Unit of Inquiry Reports.