Why Bring Your Own Device?

St Mark’s School believes that 21st Century instruction is necessary for 21st Century learning. Providing students with an environment that fosters and encourages this belief is part of our core values. All members of our learning community hold the responsibility to value technology and achieve technological proficiency to prepare our students for future jobs, which currently may not exist.

Schools must challenge students with rigorous, personalised academic experiences, foster innovation and creativity and embrace emerging technologies. In a 21st Century learning environment, students actively engage in a cohesively integrated curriculum, access information and apply it in solving authentic problems.

Our students are living in a world where they have immediate access to information anytime and anywhere. Many students have personally owned devices that can be used to allow them to learn in their own style and at their own pace. With digital learning, every student can access high quality and rigorous instruction in every subject, thereby maximising their opportunity for success in school and beyond. A decade ago this was just a dream. Today, it can be a reality.

For more information, please download the BYOD Policy and BYOD Specifications documents available on this page.