St Mark’s School is a registered charity. All school fees and donations go directly back to the school to fund our daily operations and ensure that we continue to provide high quality education for our students.

Help make a difference

We would like to thank all those who have supported St Mark’s School and invested in our future. Your support is essential in helping us to continue to provide an excellent education to our students for generations to come.

All the support we receive from the wider St Mark’s school community of parents and caregivers, our alumni and other friends is essential to our ongoing development. Any support we receive helps us to maintain our reputation for academic excellence and enables us to continue to provide education in specialist subjects areas and to invest in facilities.

The wonderful school environment that we enjoy at St Mark’s exists partly because of the generosity of current and past generations of students and their families.

There are many, flexible ways to help our school. You can make a one off payment or a regular donation, leave a gift in your Will or volunteer your time.

Making a One-Off Donation

By making a financial donation to St Mark’s School, you will help to enrich the learning experiences of the children. Donations can be made by cash, credit card or direct bank deposit.

To make a one-off donation please contact us directly to discuss.

Set Up A Regular Gift

To make a regular donation please contact us directly to discuss.

Leaving A Gift In Your Will

Including a gift to St Mark’s School in your Will allows you to make a lasting contribution. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated and will greatly benefit the future of our school.

For more information or to discuss your gift please contact our Business Manager, Mr David Mitchell, at

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Advertising in our Yearbook or in the Lion Magazine is a great way for you to both support our school and promote your business.

For more information about advertising and sponsorship opportunities please contact Mrs Jessica Teaz, our Director of Marketing at

Join the SMILE Team

“St Mark’s Initiatives for Little Extras” – or SMILE – is a group of parent and grandparent volunteers, who support St Mark’s School in a variety of ways. This includes welcoming new families to St Mark’s, organising and catering for special events, fundraising and providing resources for the School.

They are perhaps most well known to the children for organising special activities including Cupcake Day, Hot Chocolate Day and Paddlepop Day!

SMILE is a lot of fun and you can be involved as much or as little as you are able. For further information or to volunteer please email Richard Barker, SMILE President at

Make a Donation Now!

To make a donation please click here and our Development Office will be in touch with you.

Tax Rebates

St Mark’s School is a charitable trust, so individuals who make a donation to us can claim a tax rebate.