As an internationally-minded school, students from Preschool to Year 8 learn Spanish every week.

Spanish lessons are planned and interwoven into the Programme of Inquiry for each year level. Students learn to speak, read and write the language, and also learn about the culture, life and festivals of Spanish speaking countries.

Students are encouraged to learn the language through active collaboration with one another. They also learn through fun, hands-on learning experiences such as cooking, art and drama activities.

Our younger learners use play, songs, stories and puppetry. As they develop their knowledge and dispositions, they then begin to read Spanish text, write autobiographies, biographies and essays. They also participate in our very popular, annual Masterchef Competition.

Older students are encouraged to identify their own areas of interest within the Spanish culture. They then formulate questions for research, and work towards designing and creating a presentation to share their findings, all in Spanish.

The digital platform, Education Perfect, and a multisensory approach to language learning supports the Spanish language continuum at St Mark’s.

Mr Jose Domenech