St Mark's Preschool and Primary School uniforms are available exclusively from our onsite uniform shop, The Den. Regulation school and sports uniforms must be worn at all times.

School Uniform Requirements

St Mark’s School is proud of its distinctive uniform. Designed to complement the learning environment, the uniform encourages pride in the school and fosters self-assurance among the students.

The school crest which appears on the blazer and other uniform items, display the distinctive symbol of the lion of St Mark.

Students are required to comply with the school’s uniform standards and dress codes at all times. Full uniform including the blazer must be worn correctly when travelling between home and school. The sports uniform must be worn for school sports events. It may not be worn to and from school.

All uniform and accessory items are sold through The Den operated by the St Mark’s Uniform Charitable Trust. The uniforms are all manufactured from quality fabrics, chosen for their durability, availability and affordability.

In 2013 the St Mark’s School Board decided to introduce a Preschool uniform.

The uniform will ensure easy identification of the children belonging to our Preschool and will bring with it other benefits of having standard clothing items.

The uniform fits the school’s branding, and to assist with longevity, some items are compatible with our current school Uniform.

Preschool Uniform

Preschool Summer Uniform

  • Red Polo Shirt Short sleeve
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy bucket hat
  • Library bag

Preschool Winter Uniform

  • Red Polo Shirt Long sleeve
  • Navy track pants
  • Navy sweat top
  • Navy bucket hat
  • Library bag

Primary School Uniform

Girls’ Summer Uniform

  • Short sleeve white blouse
  • White knee-high socks
  • Navy tunic (Years 1-6)
  • Navy skirt (Years 7-8)
  • Shorts (Years 1-8)
  • Jersey/vest and blazer
  • Black raincoat
  • Sun hat (Years 1-8) or cap (Years 5-8)

Girls’ Winter Uniform

  • Long-sleeved blouses
  • Black knee-length socks or tights with black leather shoes
  • Navy tunic (Years 1-6)
  • Navy skirt (Years 7-8)
  • Shorts (Years 1-8)
  • Jersey/vest and blazer
  • Black raincoat
  • School Beanies – Optional

Boys’ Summer Uniform

  • Short sleeve white shirt
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy school tie
  • Jersey/vest and blazer
  • Navy and maroon school socks
  • Black raincoat
  • Sun hat (Years 1-8) or cap (Years 5-8)

Boys’ Winter Uniform

  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy school tie
  • Jersey/vest and blazer
  • Black raincoat
  • Navy and maroon school socks with black leather shoes
  • School Beanies – Optional


  • Black Lace-up School Shoes – Compulsory from Year 3 Upwards (worn with regulation school socks)
  • Black Velcro fastening school shoes may be worn by students in Year 0 – 2
  • Black Sandals – Optional Terms 1 and 4
  • Sports Shoes – Any style, non-marking

PE Uniform

  • Navy blue PE shorts
  • Navy blue St Mark’s polar fleece
  • White St Mark’s polo shirt – compulsory for PE and representative competitions, fixtures etc
  • House t-shirt – for House events e.g. Athletics, Cross Country etc
  • St Mark’s tracksuit – compulsory for Years 5 to 8
  • Plain white socks no longer than calf height

Second-hand Uniforms

The Den sells second-hand uniform items on behalf of parents.

  • Only washed and pressed items in good condition will be accepted for sale.
  • Blazers, tunics, and skirts must be drycleaned.
  • Faded, stained or repaired items will not be accepted. (A good rule of thumb is:  If you wouldn’t buy it, then chances are other parents won’t either.)
  • All name labels must be removed.

Please complete the Second-hand Clothing Receipt and bring it along with your second-hand items to the Den.

Uniform Fittings

All new students commencing at St Mark’s, and 5 year olds “flying up” from Preschool, require an appointment for a full uniform fitting. Parents are asked to email The Den to make an appointment a few weeks in advance of the student’s entry to school.

Each new student fitting takes about 30 – 45 minutes.

Mrs Gina Lim
Uniform Den Director

Opening Hours

  • Monday – 8:00am to 9:30am and 2:30pm to 4:00pm
  • Thursday – 8:00am to 9:30am


How do I buy items from The Den?

Visit the Den during its normal opening hours:
Monday and Thursday mornings at 8.00 am – 9.30 am, and
Monday afternoons 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm.
Email or Telephone the Den during opening hours on 04 385 9489 extensions 2017.
Please leave a message with the items and size you require, your contact details, and your child’s name and class. Staff will send your order to your child’s class and invoice your school sundry account.

How do I clean the uniform?

Please follow the instructions on the uniform garments for dry cleaning or washing.
Many uniform items are washable if done so with care and using quality products.

What is the Uniform Trust?

The St Mark’s Uniform Charitable Trust is a charitable entity whose purpose is to provide high-quality uniforms (including second-hand uniforms) to the children of St Mark’s School. The Trust meets regularly to monitor and make decisions on the school uniform.
The Trust comprises the Chairperson, Board/parent representatives, the Principal and senior members of staff. The staff at The Den are appointed by the Trust. The Director of The Den attends Trust meetings and is responsible for the Trust.

What happens to the profits from The Den?

The Uniform Trust operates two accounts: one for new uniform purchases and sales, and the other for second-hand sales and payments.
Each year the Trust aims to channel surplus funds back into the school for particular projects.