Our Programme

Lower Primary School

At St Mark’s we believe that building strong foundations allows children to experience the best of beginnings as they embark on their learning journey. Creating a safe and stimulating environment and community of learners is vital, with children learning best where they feel able to take risks and develop their strengths.

St Mark’s is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, authorised to teach the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Through the Primary Years Programme (PYP) we aim to develop a range of skills that will assist children throughout their education. We foster independence in children whilst also developing skills to allow them to collaborate and think creatively. By weaving our inquiries through other subject areas, children make real-life, meaningful connections that inspire them to take action and be agents of their learning. As the children move through these early years, we encourage and support students to become independent in managing themselves, by regularly reflecting on their next steps for learning.

Year 0-2

As children move through their first, formative years of their education, we look to instill a love of learning and an enthusiasm to find out more. Building relationships with children and their families is vital in allowing us to achieve the best for each child as they face new challenges.

At this stage, the learning programme is a balance of language and mathematics, alongside our specialist programmes. Our learning spaces are vibrant, inspiring and interactive environments where the children can explore and express themselves through uninterrupted play, sensory learning experiences and more structured activities.

Years 3-4

Moving through to Years 3 and 4, students continue to develop their independence and are encouraged to begin to think critically and reflectively as they continue to build confidence in themselves as learners. We aim to develop strong work habits and positive social interactions. In having an awareness of the needs and aspirations of others, children are able to build stronger friendships and relationships.

We continue to develop abilities in language and mathematics and balance academic endeavours with visual and performing arts, sport and science programmes. Technology is used to enhance our programme of learning, allowing students to be collaborative and creative. This balance allows us to foster individual talents and meet individual needs by providing tailored learning programmes to best support each child.