Every week students experience stimulating and creative specialist arts classes, where they learn and develop different techniques. Drawing, painting, printmaking, design, sculpture, and clay are all included in the Visual Arts programme.

St Mark’s has a comprehensive Visual Arts programme for students. In Years 1 and 2, children enjoy Visual Arts with their classroom teacher. From Year 3 to 8, students are taught by specialist Visual Arts Teacher, Mrs. Markelle Archer. 

As with all subjects at St Mark’s, Visual Arts is part of the Unit of Inquiry cycle, meaning that Visual Arts learning ties in with classroom inquiries.

Visual Arts is taught in our dedicated art room.  The classroom programme provides students with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of art ideas and methods and to use varied media and processes.  The present, the past and multicultural perspectives are introduced and art history is also taught as part of an inquiry.  Students explore and develop skills with the formal elements of art – form, space, colour, texture and tone.  Students also create and respond to artwork from around the world.

In Year 8, students encompass all of their art learning into an independent art inquiry for a piece of art work as part of their PYP (Primary Years Programme) Exhibition.  This is a very special, final piece of art work which is researched, explored and developed by students independently.  

Mrs Markelle Archer

Visual Arts Specialist