Frequently Asked Questions

St Mark's Preschool

If your question is not answered below, please contact our Director of Admissions, Mrs Kate O’Brien who will be happy to help with your query. Email

What is “Experience St Mark’s Preschool every Wednesday morning”?

Every Wednesday morning between 10:30am to 12pm, St Mark’s Preschool is open for your visit! Prospective families are welcome to come and visit our Preschool during this time. Children can enjoy some hands-on fun and activities and see what it is like to be at St Mark’s Preschool, while parents take a tour with the Dean of Preschool. There is no need to make an appointment, just call in anytime between 10:30am and 12pm.

Is there a minimum number of days a child must attend?

All children are encouraged to attend three days or more as per ECE funding regulations.  Priority for placements goes to full-time children.

What is the Preschool ratio for staff to children?

The Preschool is licensed by the Ministry of Education for 50 children aged 2 to 5, per day. We have five full-time staff and two teacher assistants.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

Yes, St Mark’s Preschool children wear a uniform – which they wear with pride! This creates a sense of belonging and community as well as an easy morning routines! Uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times unless stated otherwise. Uniforms are not specific for Summer and Winter terms – any uniform item can be worn at anytime. Uniforms are to be purchased from the St Mark’s Uniform Shop – The Den.

“The power of play will become the primary vehicle for inquiry, supporting thoughtful and intentional opportunities for child-initiated play, hands-on learning, and the co-construction of learning between teachers and young learners. Through play and exploration, students will learn to inquire as they build and test theories to help make sense of the world around them.”

Enhanced IB-PYP for Early Years, 2017