Science and Technology are integral components of the curriculum at St Mark's School.

In Years 7 and 8, students have weekly Science lessons with specialist teachers. They develop their skills and knowledge of scientific concepts and capabilities through carefully planned lessons. Their understanding of the Scientific Process is supported through classroom investigations connected to their Units of Inquiry, participation in the annual NIWA Science Fair and Citizen Science Projects. They can also earn badges through the Science Award Trust by taking initiative and furthering their investigations in areas of science that are of interest to them.

Our senior school students also engage in weekly Technology lessons and, through these specialised lessons, they explore the various facets of Technology through a more responsive curriculum framework.

There is a strong focus on computational thinking and digital outcomes, where students learn core programming concepts, including binary code, through various coding platforms and ‘unplugged’ activities. Students develop knowledge and skills in using different technologies to create digital content. They learn how to take advantage of the capabilities of computers, so that they can become creators of digital technologies, not just users.

Students also participate in Design and Visual Communication activities and learn about the nature of technology, technological knowledge and technological practice through working with resistant materials, textiles and ingredients to create technological outcomes.

Our aim in Science and Technology is for our students to broaden their technical and scientific knowledge and dispositions. To make sure they are well equipped to participate in society as informed, knowledgeable citizens, and to potentially pursue careers in scientific and technological fields.

Andrea Pawley

Andrea Pawley

Head of Science

Lynette Kitney

Head of Technology

Mrs Cathy Underhill

Y7 Science Teacher