The Benefits of Co-education

“Co-educational schools reflect the diversity of our society. This is boys and girls, learning, playing and working together just like the world we live in”.

- Kent Favel, Principal

St Mark’s has been educating boys and girls for over 100 years. We have always been a co-educational school, and this is something which we proudly believe in.

We strongly believe that any child can contribute positively to our school and community, regardless of their gender and we believe that an inclusive environment is essential to a child’s development and wellbeing.

There are many social and academic benefits of co-educational education, including:

  • Students develop mutual respect, empathy and understanding of each other. They learn to
    celebrate our differences as well as our similarities.
  • Boys and girls learn from each other and gain different perspectives. The presence of both
    genders contribute to rich and diverse thinking in our classrooms.
  • Students develop confidence in working and collaborating with members of the opposite sex.
  •  Both girls and boys at St Mark’s School take on leadership roles across all areas of the school.
    This provides all students with strong, aspirational female and male role models.
  • Friendships develop in class, in the playground, and through the many sports and other extra-
    curricular activities on offer. Co-education provides an excellent foundation for the
    development of healthy, meaningful and lasting relationships in later life.
  • From a practical point of view, a co-educational school means that families can keep their
    children together in the same school. Siblings share their formative experiences, and the close
    family connections enhance our school community.
  • Above all, co-education is preparation for their future, for life beyond school. Our students learn in an environment which reflects real-world communities and workplaces.

Co-education is a real-life reflection of the diverse world that we all live in. It helps build young people who are respectful, open-minded and well rounded. Co-educational schools prepare students to succeed.