Lower Primary

A very warm welcome to the Lower Primary.

From the first day your child starts in the Lower Primary, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and independence through our strong school community. When children feel safe and supported in their environment, they take risks in their learning and feel confident when facing new challenges. This leads to the development of strong work habits, positive social interactions and an awareness of their needs and those of others.

St Mark’s is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and we are authorized to teach the Primary Years Programme (PYP) to all our students, from Preschool to Year 8. The programme focuses on the development of the whole child, addressing their academic needs as well as their social and emotional wellbeing.

In the Lower Primary School – Years 1 to 4 – we have a strong emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy skills and use hands-on, collaborative learning methods to meet the individual needs and learning styles of all students.

Using real-world contexts and weaving our core subjects through the Primary Years Programme (PYP), allows the children to make connections and become deeper thinkers. We encourage and support children to take action in their learning and to apply their knowledge and understanding in a wider context.

Children learn to be reflective about where they are and where they are going in their learning. This leads to an increased motivation to improve and more self-awareness about themselves as a learner.

Christa Pitman – Dean of Lower Primary