Miranda Harcourt

It wasn’t an easy decision to shift our son from our local intermediate school to St Marks.  He was doing well but his potential was not being fully realised. In the year since we moved him to St Marks his focus has sharpened, he is much more self-motivated and has a great handle on time management so he is not stressed about homework or scheduling. St Marks has provided a great context for him both socially and academically. He is a happier boy, more grounded and
confident in himself. And we are very happy parents.

Herbert & Leigh Booker

St Marks was the ideal preparation for our son to enter college. Not only was he academically challenged with the units of inquiry in the IB program and teachers that guided him to excel, but he learnt many organisational & personal skills as well.  Having to manage his own diary, homework & classroom timetable also meant it was all a very familiar process when he finally arrived at college and helped ensure the transition was a smooth & painless one.  The breadth of learning opportunities at St Marks in sport, languages & music, to name just a few, were all complimentary to the core academic standards and ensured that a well rounded young man entered college with an exposure to many of the subjects he would be required to choose between in year 9.  We have nothing but praise for the way St Marks prepared our son for college in year 7 & 8 and would highly recommend the school to other parents wanting to ensure their children were equally well prepared.

Leanne & Keith Nightingale

Year 7 and 8 at St Marks provided our son with all the tools, confidence and learning needed to successfully enter college. His development during the 3 years at St Marks was fantastic.  He has achieved results in Year 9 that far exceed our expectations due to the breadth and depth of tuition he received during Years 7 and 8 at St Marks.  Although it was initially a difficult decision to change from our local comfortable community school for Years 6, 7 and 8, in hindsight it was the best decision wehave ever made. We decided that Years 7 and 8 were the most important years of
schooling. In these years they need to be provided with all the skills needed to succeed in school and in life, St Marks provided this and more.

Year 7 Parent

We have been very impressed with the smooth transition our son has made from his old school to St Marks Church School. The pleasant class environment and the structured timetable have helped him settle quickly. It is also very pleasing to hear from our child that he is enjoying the specialist subjects and working on the units of inquiry. Each morning, it is such a joy to see him wave goodbye to us, with a lovely smile on his face and looking so smart in his uniform.

Year 7 Parent

Why we recommend St Marks for year 7 and 8.  In our case we had a child who seemed to be unnoticed at school. Very average results in everything, when we knew he could do better. He seemed to be floundering, with no motivation or roadmap to improve.  Like most year 6 parents, when we started looking around at schools for our son for year 7, we thought it would be either “the close one” or “the one his mates were going to…” we only widened the search to look at St Marks when we weren’t convinced these schools would provide the academic improvement for our child we were looking for.  In his first year at St Marks, he has improved academically and is excelling in some areas. He is totally self motivated to keep achieving and improving with each new learning challenge. He is calm and focused, and the atmosphere of inclusion in class and at lunchtimes is such that there is no pressure to conform with a group, or have a “clique” to hang with.  St Marks has given our child to the opportunity to focus on his postive qualities, and the attention to the spiritual has been an unexpected bonus. Its one of those subjects you dont realise is missing from your childs education, until it is included.  Our son enjoys being given tasks with clear expectations, and St Marks has taught him how to organise himself and manage his time. As parents we feel welcome as part of the St Marks community, and communication from school to home is exceptional. Just last week a specialist teacher rang us to ensure we knew how well our child had done in his latest test.  Our son is developing confidence within himself, walks taller, is interested in learning and takes pride in his work. He is developing study habits and skills at St Marks that will stand him in good stead for college and university.  When we went on our first visit to St Marks, it was lunchtime. The courtyard was a sea of activity, cricket, 4 square, shooting hoops, general school lunchtime rowdiness. I was intrigued that all the children were busy, and focused on their activity or game. No groups were just standing around.  When we met with the principal for a tour of the school, he showed us a variety of classes in session… After we had seen a couple my son tugged my sleeve and whispered…”mum, do you know how much I could learn if my class was this calm?” “but you wont know anyone here” I replied…
and he said… ” you saw the playground at lunchtime, there was no one sitting by themselves, everyone was included, so I know I will make friends and be included too.” He was right, I am so glad we listened to him.