Honours badges and bars can be presented to students in Years 6-8 who demonstrate
outstanding achievement and attitude in one or more performing arts discipline or

Sports Honours Award Criteria

To receive an Honours Badge then children must fulfil four out the six criteria below.

  • Attribute 1 must be one of the four attributes:
  • Students who display outstanding ability, effort and attitude in Sport may be considered for an Honours badge. Representing the School in an Interschool fixture does not qualify a student for an Honours badge.
  • Students who are selected for, or play for, a Regional or National training squad,
    and/or compete in Inter zone competitions in the relevant academic year.
  • Students who have displayed a total commitment to sport at school in all areas
    including attendance at training and matches, a selfless approach to the team,
    respect for the coaching staff and an impeccable sense of sportsmanship/fair play.
  • The student must have displayed exemplary behaviour at all times in Sport,
  • Physical Education and regular classwork.
  • The student should be an excellent role model to others in the school.
  • The student must have played for 1st teams in Year 7/8 or Colts teams in Year 6 in all or most interschool matches during the academic year to qualify.

Other Guidelines

  • A student receiving an Honours badge in Year 6 who subsequently meets the criteria for Honours in Year 7 and Year 8 will receive in Year 7 another bar with a ribbon and in Year 8 a bar to highlight this student’s ability and attitude.
  • Honours badges are worn on the left side of the student’s blazer, under their School Badge and Prefect badges.
  • If a child loses their badge then a limited supply will be kept on hand at reception for purchase.
  • All decisions deciding which students receive an Honours badge will be final and no parent meetings or correspondence will be entered into to explain decisions.