Foundation Room

This room is for children aged from four years of age, and includes our children who have moved through from the three-year-olds’room as well as new children from the wider community.

The programme builds on the foundations started in the Preschool Room. Here children are encouraged to develop early literacy and numeracy skills.The literacy programme includes phonics, daily writing – with each child signing in and learning to write familiar words – and reading when children are ready. The numeracy programme allows children to explore all mathematical concepts including number recognition, counting, ordering, telling the time, geometric shapes and measurement. The use of traditional and ICT technologies are used during these learning experiences.

Children are encouraged to be self-managing, to develop self-esteem and strong interpersonal skills, to engage in appropriate risk-taking and thinking activities, to enjoy being knowledgeable and to be able to reflect on their learning. Our teachers support your child, encouraging and extending them on their individual learning journey.