Preschool Curriculum

Our Philosophy and Curriculum

At St Mark’s we create the warm and caring environment that is essential for children to thrive. Qualified preschool teachers are here to help your child celebrate their successes and to offer comfort and support when needed. As a parent it is important to know your child is in a safe environment which encourages self-confidence through careful nurturing, exploration and discovery – and it is this knowledge that you can keep close to your heart each day when you say goodbye.

Preschool marks the beginning of your child’s educational journey, when they develop a love for learning. At St Mark’s we offer a positive learning environment where we encourage and foster lifelong learners by offering varied,stimulating and enjoyable educational experiences.

St Mark’s is an International Baccalaureate World School providing the Primary Years Programme to children aged from three years to thirteen. We have aligned the Early Learning Years to both the International Baccalaureate (IB) philosophy and Te Whaariki. The IB philosophy is focused on the individual child and offers an inquiry-based approach to learning, while Te Whaariki is the New Zealand curriculum for Early Childhood Education.

Between the ages of three and five years old children are rapidly developing in the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic areas. We recognise this is a significant time and that each child is unique, so we respond by ensuring the pace of our programme suits individual learning needs.

Our teachers facilitate and guide our children’s learning, ensuring the Preschool programme extends our young students in all areas of growth. We provide meaningful experiences and new opportunities in a positive and accepting environment. In this encouraging setting children feel good about themselves and develop:

  • A  positive  image of themselves
  • A positive attitude towards others
  • A positive attitude towards learning